Otter Wishes – DEADLINE: Friday DEC 1st

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Each year we send our 5th graders off to middle school with “Otter Wishes” in our yearbook. The yearbook committee is now collecting these wishes for publication in this year’s yearbook.

The “ad” will be put into a standard format so that all you need to submit is the message and/or picture(s). They will be located in the back of the yearbook and can contain one or two photograph(s) and a message perhaps congratulating the student on graduation, a specific achievement, or just general well wishes.

The cost is $10 and we can allow only one ad per child. table for number of words and pictures. Ads and payment must be received by Friday, December 1st 2017. No exceptions can be made as we have deadline obligations with the yearbook company. All formatting and sizing of pictures and text will be done by the yearbook staff.

Sample otter wish

Size Dimensions # Pictures # Words Cost
1/9 Page 2.6 X 3.4 2 50 $10
1 70 $10
0 90 $10

Guidelines for ads:

  1. We strongly suggest that you do not submit hard copy original photographs — especially baby photographs due to the possibility of a lost or damaged photograph. Ideally, digital pictures and text should be emailed to  If you do submit a hard copy photo then please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you’d like your picture back.  Please turn in the hard copy photo to your child’s 5th grade teacher, c/o “Otter Wishes”.
  1. Parents understand that if you submit low resolution photos, the quality of the printed photo may be poor in the yearbook.

2 Step Process:

  1. $10 payment can be made at the online school store. Go to and look for “Otter Wishes”.  You can also make checks payable to “Oak Grove PTA‟ and give to your 5th grader’s teacher.  Please include the child’s name & “Otter Wishes” on the check!  Please place check/cash in an envelope and specify “Otter Wishes”.
  2. All wording & pictures should be emailed to: Becca Smith
  3. Please only send jpegsdo not send pictures in a word document
  4. Please include the child’s name & teacher’s name in the email!

If you have any further questions, please contact Oak Grove Yearbook Chair, Becca Smith by email at or call at 919-380-0600.

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