The following forms are primarily used by the staff, teachers and PTA committee members:

  • Proof of Oak Grove’s PTA Membership of NCPTA and NCPTA’s Non-Profit Status ~ If you have a business and wish to make a donation or grant to Oak Grove PTA, these are our Non-Profit Status Letters.
  • PTA Deposit – Cash Verification Form ~ This form is used by teachers and committees to turn in funds to be deposited into the PTA Bank account.  This form MUST be signed by TWO individuals who have verified the cash.
  • FOTOF Request ~ This form is used by the Teachers of Oak Grove to request aid in paying for students who otherwise would not be able to participate in Field Trips, purchase a class T-shirt, etc.  This form must be signed by Ms. Michot.
  • Request for Payment ~ This form is used primarily used by committee members to request payment for services or products purchased for use by the PTA.  It is also used by the staff and teachers for payment of products and services.  All items request for payment are subject to budget and available funds.  This form must be signed by the person requesting the payment and either the President or VP of the PTA.